Save Time and Money by Automating Your Life

We’ve all been known to fall into the traps of convenience. Sometimes it’s picking up take away on your way home from a long day or driving somewhere that you know is walking distance but you’re feeling a little tired. At times, it feels like convenience is the enemy – always letting you make bad choices that you try to justify to yourself. It’s time you started letting convenience be a force for good in your life and that’s where automation comes in.

Automate your bills

Many utility bills come with a pay on time discount or a penalty if you don’t pay by the due date. For a long time, I convinced myself that it was best to pay the bill every time it came in so I would read over and see how much I spent, making me more aware of my spending choices. But then I forgot to pay a bill on time one particularly busy month and I was slogged with late fees. This is not worth it! I usually read over my bills as soon as they’red emailed to me and compare my spending across other billing periods, so I’m already aware of what I’m spending. But I never pay them straight away because I usually read them at work and I don’t like logging into my banking information on my work computer.

From now on, I’m going to start putting my bills on direct debit so I no longer have to worry about which bills are coming up and whether I’ve set them up or not. Especially for bills like council rates, there’s no advantage to reading each bill because it’s always the same!

Automate your saving

This is the biggest difference you can make to your financial position. Have you ever noticed that, as pay rises come in, you always seem to end up in the same financial position? You’re never actually getting ahead? It seems that the more we earn, the more we spend, even without thinking about it. This is why it’s important to automate your saving. Set up automatic transfers on pay day to take a chunk of your pay and put it in a savings account. This account should either be with a different bank or be hidden from your home screen on your banking apps. Over time, you may be able to increase the amount that you put into the savings account and not notice a huge difference.

Let automation work for you! Let me know of other ways you automate your life to help you achieve success.

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