Finding Your Joy

One of the largest barriers that people face to frugality is the concern that it will minimise their enjoyment of life. In fact, one of the main concerns people voice when I mention my budgeting or frugality to them (especially with family) is that they don't think I'm doing things I enjoy. Society has a … Continue reading Finding Your Joy

Save Time and Money by Automating Your Life

We've all been known to fall into the traps of convenience. Sometimes it's picking up take away on your way home from a long day or driving somewhere that you know is walking distance but you're feeling a little tired. At times, it feels like convenience is the enemy - always letting you make bad … Continue reading Save Time and Money by Automating Your Life

Should I Salary Sacrifice into Super?

You know that your super is important, because it's what you're going to live on after you retire. But should you be making extra payments into your super now? And how can salary sacrificing offer you benefits? What is salary sacrificing? Salary sacrificing is when your employer pays part of your wage into another benefit … Continue reading Should I Salary Sacrifice into Super?